Benten Shrine at Haneda

Benten Shrine at Haneda
Item# benten-shrine-at-haneda

Woodblock Prints Title: Benten Shrine at Haneda, from an untitled series of Western-style landscapes

Publication: 1803

Size: Horizontal aiban; 12" x 8 "

Publisher: Unknown

Signature: Unsigned

1st State Estimated Value: Ref # LWS031a

2nd State

A second state was printed in 1805 in Horizontal oban format; 23.9 x 36.4 cm (9 7/16 x 14 5/16 in.) Estimated Value: Ref # LWS031b

Other Versions:

Adachi's replica 1950's You will notice that it is based on the 1st state, but the title in the center of the print just like the 2nd state, and the lack of clouds in the sky. Oban format, as opposed to the original in aiban format.

Estimated Value: Ref # LWS031c