On the Way to the Meguro Fudo HallMount FujiCourtesan Guest and Pet MonkeyMushroom Harvest Excursion
Women and Children Returning from the Fuji FestivalDecorations for the Doll FestivalThe Sumida River in SnowFlowering Cherry Branch With Advertisement for Senjoko
Woman Arranging FlowersYoung Maiden Holding a ZitherThe day before the Beginning of SpringHotei with Bag of Jewels and Chinese Child
Courtesan Preparing to Write and Kamuro Grinding InkThe Sumo Wrestlers Takaneyama Yoichiemon and Sendagawa KichigoroThe Sumo Wrestlers Wadagahara Jinshiro and Kachozan GorokichiThe Sumo wrestlers Uzugafuchi Kandayu and Takasaki Ichijuro
The Six Poetic Immortals Making Decorations for the Tanabata FestivalNew Year's Day at the Ogi-ya in the YoshiwaraTwo Turtles and Kerria RosesChinese Boys Pulling a Cart
WoodcutterSurveying a RegionAdvertisement for the Culinary Seaweed ShopPine Tree and Full Moon
A Set of HorsesReluctant Woman Boarding a BoatWomen Catching FirefliesWatanabe no Gengo Tsuna and Inokuma Nyudo Raiun
Onikojima Yataro and Seiho in AkabozuKusunoki Masashige and Tsunehisa Betto of YaoKi no Natora and Otomo no Yoshio WrestlingWoman Rinsing Cloth in a River
Pilgrims Writing on a PillarPalace Servant Sweeping Up Maple LeavesThe Amusements of Chang E in the Moon PalaceThe Night Attack in Act XI of The Storehouse of Loyal Retainers Partial Triptych
Reversed Words of the Iruma DialectFalcon and SunDance of the Gods at the Heavenly Cave Part 1Dance of the Gods at the Heavenly Cave Part 2
Newly Published Board Game of a Journey to and from Kamakura EnoshimaCrossing the GateThe Four Sleepers in Spring DawOutdoor Gathering
Gathering Sea-WeedTwo Young Ladies at ShorePortrait of a Woman Overseeing Her Home TownChinese Boys Learning to Write and Paint
A Snow–clad Landscape with Gray CloudsTwo Spooks Peering from the School of HokusaiWide View of Both Banks of the Sumida RiverTravellers at Hiratsuka
Wayside Scene in OjiMatsukaze and Murasame Gathering Sea WaterTheatre ProgramProcession of a Ryukyuan Ambassador
Descending Geese for BunshichiFalcon on a PerchReturn from the PicnicVisitors to the Hachiman Shrine
Descending Geese for BunshichiHares and RosesTravelers Stopping at a Mile PostThe Famous Places on the Tokaido in One View
The Famous Sight in ChinaOne Hundred Bridges in a Single ViewBirds Eye View Over the Chiba PeninsulaView Over Shiogama and Matsushima in Mutsu Province
Elegant Eight Views along the Sumida RiverOff the TempleStreet FestivalTravelers in Sagami Province
Painting on Inro with LacquerCrawling Through the Hole of a PillarA Palanquin Bearer Falls OverBlind Musician Itinerant Singing at the Gateway
Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #1Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #2Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #3Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #4
Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #5