Squeaking a Ground CherryWoman Looking in a TelescopeWoman Clipping her NailsYoung Maiden Holding a Zither
The day before the Beginning of SpringVisitors to the Hachiman ShrineOn the Way to the Meguro Fudo HallMount Fuji
Mushroom Harvest ExcursionReluctant Woman Boarding a BoatWomen Catching FirefliesThe Musketeer
Travellers at HiratsukaTravelers in Sagami ProvincePoem by Jakuren HoshiPoem by Saigyo Hoshi
Women and Children Returning from the Fuji FestivalDecorations for the Doll FestivalThe Sumida River in SnowThe Six Poetic Immortals Making Decorations for the Tanabata Festival
Hotei with Bag of Jewels and Chinese ChildCourtesan Preparing to Write and Kamuro Grinding InkThe Sumo Wrestlers Takaneyama Yoichiemon and Sendagawa KichigoroThe Sumo Wrestlers Wadagahara Jinshiro and Kachozan Gorokichi
The Sumo wrestlers Uzugafuchi Kandayu and Takasaki IchijuroNew Year's Day at the Ogi-ya in the YoshiwaraA Wheat Straw Crafted Spectacle TetraptychWide View of Both Banks of the Sumida River
Two Turtles and Kerria RosesPine Tree and Full MoonWoodcutterCourtesan Guest and Pet Monkey
Two Young Ladies at ShoreSurveying a RegionWatanabe no Gengo Tsuna and Inokuma Nyudo RaiunOnikojima Yataro and Seiho in Akabozu
Kusunoki Masashige and Tsunehisa Betto of YaoKi no Natora and Otomo no Yoshio WrestlingWoman Rinsing Cloth in a RiverPilgrims Writing on a Pillar
Palace Servant Sweeping Up Maple LeavesServant Farting AroundDeer Admiring a Sea of CloudsThe Sparrow Dance
A Sober ShojoNew Year's DayFlowering Cherry Branch With Advertisement for SenjokoDance for the Festival of the Departed
Falcon and SunDance of the Gods at the Heavenly Cave Part 1Dance of the Gods at the Heavenly Cave Part 2Newly Published Board Game of a Journey to and from Kamakura Enoshima
Crossing the GateThe Four Sleepers in Spring DawOutdoor GatheringGathering Sea-Weed
Portrait of a Woman Overseeing Her Home TownA Snow–clad Landscape with Gray CloudsTwo Spooks Peering from the School of HokusaiAdvertisement for the Culinary Seaweed Shop
The Amusements of Chang E in the Moon PalaceMatsukaze and Murasame Gathering Sea WaterTheatre ProgramPlay Poster
Falcon on a PerchReturn from the PicnicTravelers Stopping at a Mile PostThe Famous Places on the Tokaido in One View
The Famous Sight in ChinaOne Hundred Bridges in a Single ViewBirds Eye View Over the Chiba PeninsulaView Over Shiogama and Matsushima in Mutsu Province
Elegant Eight Views along the Sumida RiverOff the TempleStreet FestivalHeading to the Festivities
Feed the MonkeyPainting on Inro with LacquerCut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #1Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #2
Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #3Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #4Cut out Picture of a Newly Rebuilt Bathhouse #5Debt Collection