Hold Them by the Hat

Hold Them by the Hat
Item# hold-them-by-the-hat

Woodblock Prints Title: Hold Them by the Hat, from the series One Hundred Comic Poems (Fūryū odoke hyakku)

Publication: 1811

Size: 11.1 x 17 cm (4 3/8 x 6 11/16 in.)

Publisher: Iseya Rihei (Kinjudō)

Signature: Hokusai ga

Original: 1st state. Black, white and sometimes salmon colored with kyoka, as seen below:

Estimated Value: Ref # 100C63a

2nd state. Similar to the 1st state, but lacks kyoka:

Estimated Value: Ref # 100C63b

3rd state. Similar to the 2nd state, but with purple, green and blue/gray and sometimes yellow colors added:

Estimated Value: Ref # 100C63c

Other Versions: