Traveler in Snow

Traveler in Snow
Item# traveler-in-snow

Woodblock Prints Title: Traveler in Snow, from the series A True Mirror of Chinese and Japanese Poetry (Shika shashin kyō), also called Imagery of the Poets

Publication: 1833

Size: Vertical Nagaban; 49.7 x 22.5 cm (19 9/16 x 8 7/8 in.)

Publisher: Moriya Jihei (Kinshindō)

Signature: Zen Saki no Hokusai Litsu Hitsu

Original: 1st State 2 Originals from different sources.

Estimated Value: Ref # MCJV1

2nd State State

2 Originals from different sources :

The 2nd state has the title on the right side of the print, and 2 layers of bokashi in the sky (Color shade fading from one to another), from dark blue to grey, then to sky blue.

Estimated Value: Ref # MCJV1a

Other Versions:

1/ Enji Takamizawa's Replica Early 1910's

Images 1 & 2 are the replica, image 3 is the original for comparison.

1/ Red Colors in pompom, and bird head instead of brown and no red in original
2/ Missing snow flake (Only 2 instead of 3 in taht section of the print) 3/ Yellow pattern different than original.

This print is a near perfect replica, on edo era paper. Created to deceive. Can easily pass for an original.

Estimated Value: Ref # MCJV1b

2/ Adachi's 1930's Edition

Images 1 is the replica, image 2 is the original for comparison.

Despite the colors and especially the red title cartouche, the most important aspect is that the size of Adachi's replica is significantly smaller than the original. Original is 20" x 9", Adachi's replica is 14" X 5" or so.
Please, note that this replica is based on the 2nd state, with the title on the right side of the print.

Estimated Value: Ref # MCJV1c