Period 4: The Manji Era

Six Tama Rivers Panel 1Six Tama Rivers Panel 2Wagtail in Snow
Cherry Blossoms and WrappingHawkAdonis and Mt Fuji Drawn on a Fan
Sparrow and ScissorsCuckoo and RainbowSweetfishes and Maple Leaves
Frog Climbing over a Long TileSalmon Head and MiceSnake Looking Forward to Catch a Bird
Sole Fishes and Red FlowersPhoenix Folding ScreenGamecocks
Kobo Daishi practicing the TantraBoy Fishing From the Limb of a TreeBoy Viewing Mount Fuji
Nobleman and the Court LadyHandscroll with Miscellaneous ImagesWatermelon
Deers at the Kasuga MountainWild Geese and WaterPoet Semimaru with His Lute in a Bag
Boy Seated on a Tree Trunk Playing a FluteYoung Man Puzzled by a Love LetterYoung Man Dressed in Blue Kimono
Mackerel and Sea ShellsAscending Dragon and WaveAscending Dragon
Descending DragonFisherman with Landing NetBoat and Rock
Willow and CrowsFerry Boat and Mount FujiTwo Rabbits at Sunrise
Wenchang Star MapHero from the Suikoden in SnowThe Fox's Wedding
Shoki Killing a DemonEagle Near a Cherry BlossomInsects Around a Pumpkin Flower
Walking Along the Rice FieldsRats and Rice BalesTraveler Viewing Distant Landscape
A Tree and Four Red ToriiMoso Returning with Bamboo ShootsZhong Kui Riding a Lion
Dragon and CloudsMorning GloryTravelers in a Foggy Landscape
Village and Boats in a Rainy LandscapeThe Character Long Life and Chinese BoysVillage and Tall Trees
Arhat by MoonlightRed Shoki ARed Shoki B
Ascending Dragon on CloudsZhuang Zi Dreaming of ButterfliesBreaking Waves
Minamoto no Yorimasa Aiming an ArrowSunflowerA Butterfly and a Flowering Plant
A Man with a FanTraveler Beside a TreeTwo Mallard Ducks Paddling
Cormorant on StumpSwallows under a Willow TreeCao Cao on a Boat
Thunder GodChinese LandscapeGoose in Autumn
DaikokuThe Lute and White Snake of BentenThe Legendary Empress Jingu
Flying Cuckoo under a RainbowRaccoon Cooking a MealDemon Feasting
Fox as the Monk HakuzosuDragon over Mt FujiFisherman
WoodcutterShoki the Demon QuellerLi Bai Admiring a Waterfall
Tiger in the RainAssembly of FansTiger in a Snowstorm